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Sep 16, 2012 2:00am PDT
. >> security was beefed up in paris as protestors gathered outside there and in benghazi libyan teams begin investigating the consulate where chris stevens and three other americans were killed on the anniversary of the september 11th attacks. they are en route to make their own investigation. the man believed to be behind the controversial film that fueled the anti-american outrage left his california home, was questioned by probation officers and released. federal officials are investigating his activities. >>> july the 4th, 82nd airborne sergeant was wounded in afghanistan. he lost a leg and his arm and today some of his hometown friends put together a fund-raiser in his honor. sergio quintana has the story. >> friar tuck's pub is good place and there is special reason for the smiles. >> it's tremendous. >> are you surprised. >> i am. >> the man of the evening is 30-year-old monte bernardo. he was injured by a roadside bomb in afghanistan and in this event complete with raffle and pool tournament is to raise money for his continued recovery. >> the sergeant is couple months into his reha
Sep 15, 2012 1:05am PDT
body of the four americans who died in benghazi, libya, are back on american soil. ambassador chris stevens from peaked moneyed -- from piedmont was among them. a military procession escorted their coffins to ceremonies at joint base andrews in maryland. president obama called the 52-year-old stevens everything america could want as an ambassador. secretary of state clinton knew him personally. >> during the revolution in libya he risked his life to help protect the libyan people from a tyrant. and he gave his life helping them build a better country. >> after tad's ceremonies the bodies were sent to a military mortuary in delaware. plans for christopher steven's funeral are pending. >>> anti-american protests are spreading across the globe. demonstrations are on going in 30 countries right now. at least four people have been killed in the chaos. u.s. troops are on their way to secure embassies in sudan, yemen and libya. at the center of these protests, the independent on-line movie made here that insults islam and ridicules the prophet, mohamed. but should youtube pull them from th
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2